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Sample Project: Bi-Stable Door Lock

Smart home automation

Permanent magnet assisted
Bi-stable solenoid

Physical Specifications
Footprint: Within STD door cutout, around STD lock cylinder (provided)
Stroke: 0.15”
Materials: Nylon, Low Carbon Steels, Zinc Plating
Cycle Life: >50,000 Cycles

Electrical Specifications
Power System: Reversible
Voltage: 5 vdc
Current: 0.5 A max
Frequency: 5 –10 kHz
Initial ON Time: 20 ms
Duty Cycle: 10%

Door Lock 3D Model
Door Lock Prototype
Door Lock FEA

Developed for the smart home automation industry. The goal was to make a small custom fit solenoid actuator that would engage a locking cam and maintain position after the power was disengaged. We reviewed the available techniques for low power, latching solenoids with the customer and settled on a permanent magnet assisted bi-stable solenoid.

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