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Our History & Mission



PRESTON SOLENOID was founded in January 2016 in response to customer demand in the manufacturing industry for custom electromagnetic products. Our experience in the electromagnetic industry reveals that there are under-served markets in key niche areas.

We exist to serve the small to medium volume customer who is basically ignored by the larger suppliers. There are several large suppliers for commodity electromagnetic products, but that is not our market. Our customers typically have annual order quantities from 100 to 10,000 pieces.



The external mission of PRESTON SOLENOID is to serve our customers and help them solve technical problems 1) by collaborating on the design of custom electromagnetic devices for their application and 2) by providing exceptional service and 3) by operating with commitment, communication & integrity.


The internal mission of PRESTON SOLENOID is to serve our team members A) by treating them with respect and B) by providing a workplace that encourages member satisfaction & retention and C) by encouraging the personal development of each member.

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