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The process begins with your Free Estimate. Simply contact us with the basic specifications and we will give you a free concept drawing and budgetary pricing estimate. It's that simple.

We develop new products by collaborating with our customers throughout the process. We make every effort to ensure that the customer is included in the process, to be sure that your needs are being fulfilled.

Our design process is tailored to the manufacturing process typical of small to medium volume orders. For small projects, we primarily design for CNC machining and 3D printed parts. For medium projects, we utilize designs that are geared toward simple stampings and single pull plastic molds wherever possible. These techniques can substantially reduce costs!

We undergo thorough design analysis prior to making any physical parts. We utilize magnetic modeling software to achieve the desired magnetic performance: power consumption, heating, stroke, speed, force, etc. We use Finite Element Analysis software to ensure that the stresses will not exceed the material limits. Our designs are all produced in 3D to prevent unforeseen interference, and to provide our customers with sample models for their own evaluation.

Miniature Valve
High Force Pump Driver
PWM Water Valve

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