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Sample Project: Rotary Solenoid


Rotary Solenoid with Internal Spring

Ball Bearings for Long Life

Physical Specifications
Size: 3" OD x 2-1/2" Long
Torque: 1 ft-lb

Return Spring: 1 in-lb
Mounting: Confidential

Electrical Specifications
Voltage: 48 vdc
Current: 10 A
Duty Cycle: 10%, 1 sec ON Time

This rotary solenoid was developed for a customer in a unique industry with confidentiality concerns. The customer came to us in hopes that we would develop a rotary solenoid to replace a legacy product no longer available from the original manufacturer. We designed our own product to match their requirements and enabled them to continue providing their products to their customers.

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Rotary Solenoid.jpg
Rotary Solenoid Analysis.jpg
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