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Sample Project: Miniature Inline Valve

Medical Devices


Insert-able 0.004" ID Ruby Orifice
O-Ring Sealed, Push-to-Connect Tubing

Physical Specifications

Medium: Humid Air, Human Breath

Connections: 1/8” SST Tubing
Materials: NSF Rated
Inlet Pressure: 0–1 psig

Electrical Specifications
Power System: Pulse & Hold
Voltage: 12 vdc
Current: 0.5 A max
Frequency: 1–10 kHz

Duty Cycle: 25%
Initial ON Time: 50 ms

MIV Model.jpg
MIV Magnetic Model.jpg

Developed for the medical device industry, this unique valve is design to be inserted inline with the existing stainless steel tubing. A tiny, precise orifice is inserted into the valve body to control the flow rate with high accuracy. This enabled the customer to provide excellent flow control for a difficult to control application.

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