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Sample Project: Large Stroke Pull Solenoid

Industrial Automation

Domestic supply without offshore issues
Long Stroke & High Force
Custom mounting & optional wiring connector

Physical Specifications
Stroke: 1.0"
Forces: 20 lb (retracted)
             4 lb (extended)
Push Rod: 3/4" Dia
Overall Size: 2" OD x 3-1/2" Len
Temperature: -40 to 140°F

Electrical Specifications
Power System: Standard DC Power Supply
Voltage: 24 vdc
Current: 2 A nom
Duty Cycle: 50%

Large Stroke Solenoid Model
Large Stroke Solenoid Prototype
Large Stroke Solenoid Analysis

Developed for a customer in Industrial Automation, we offered better availability and lower overall cost than their current supplier offered. The product needed a long stroke and high forces across the entire range. We developed a custom solenoid that meets the application requirements and still saves money.

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