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Sample Project: Tubular Push Solenoid

Industrial Control

Performance of a large solenoid in small size
Lower overall cost with custom design
Customized forces

Physical Specifications
Size: 1" OD x 2-1/4" OAL
Pulling Force: 25 lb @ 0.2" Stroke
Mounting: 2 Threaded 10-32

Electrical Specifications
Voltage: 24 vdc
Current: 0.5 A max
Duty Cycle: 100% Continuous

Developed for an industrial control customer, this tubular solenoid stands out from the crowd of similar push solenoids. This product has a unique combination of forces at either end of the stroke, specifically matched to the customer's application. Using a custom product allowed them to save money because a standard design necessitates a larger and more expensive solenoid.

Tubular Push Solenoid Model
Tubular Push Solenod Prototype
Tubular Push Solenod Analysis

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