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Sample Project: PWM Water Valve 

Water dispensing industry


Pulse Width Modulation power supply
Simple pilot operated diaphragm
Push-to-connect ports

Physical Specifications
Flow: 0 –10 gpm
Connections: ½” Quick Connect
Materials: NSF Rated
Inlet Pressure: 0 –100 psig
Differential Pressure: 5 psig @ 10 gpm

Electrical Specifications
Power System: Pulse & Hold
Voltage: 12 vdc
Current: 1 A max
Frequency: 5 –10 kHz
Initial ON Time: 50 –150 ms

PWM Water Valve
PWV Prototype Valve
Water Valve FEA Model

Developed for the water dispensing industry, we focused on energy savings and simplicity. A Pulse Width Modulation power supply was the result of evaluating energy saving options with the client. We also suggested a simple pilot operated diaphragm to reduce the coil size and overall power requirements.

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