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Our Process

At PRESTON SOLENOID, our process all begin with helping our customers through the development and manufacture of custom electromagnetic products.


Does your application have an unusual load, stroke, flow rate, power requirements, size or mounting criteria? Do you want to replace an offshore supplier with a responsive domestic supplier that is eager to work with you? Instead of requiring that you adapt your project to a standard product offering, we can design a product that will match your application.

Our Engineering staff is ready to help.


There is always much to learn by testing a prototype in your real world application. We suggest that each project go through a round of prototypes as early as possible. It's our desire to get them to you quickly and then learn how we can improve our design. We consider prototyping important enough to invest the personnel and capability to make our prototypes "in house".

Put this advantage to work for you.


We want to help you produce the final product your customers need. Unlike standard solenoid suppliers, we don't require that you change your product to match ours. We produce what you need and will shape our production process to fit. Your satisfaction is important to us, so we focus on providing a quality part. So put our supply chain to work for you.

Let us help you bring your product to life.

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