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Collaborative Engineering

Your source for custom products & service beyond the sale.

As a domestic supplier, we're available to help you solve problems & we can be "on site" to make sure it works.

We care about our customers.


  1. Our products precisely match the forces, or range of motion, seen in the application.

  2. Reduce size & materials wasted with standard catalog products.

  3. Reduce power & heating with a design to match your power supply.

  4. Utilize PWM, Bi-Stable or Pulse & Hold techniques.

  5. Eliminate mounting brackets and connection adapters.

  6. Incorporate your wiring connector.



  • Bi-Stable/Latching

  • Continuous Duty Holding Magnet

  • Magnetic Lock/Maglock

Linear Solenoids

  • Bi-Stable/Latching

  • High Force

  • High Efficiency

  • Long Stroke

  • Low Power

  • Pull

  • Push

Rotary Solenoids

  • Bi-Stable/Latching

  • High Torque

  • Wide Angle

  • High Speed

Solenoid Valves

  • Bi-Stable/Latching

  • Direct Acting

  • Piloted

  • Proportional


Long Stroke Solenoid.jpg
Direct Acting Solenoid Valve.JPG
Rotary Solenoid 2.jpg
Bi-Stable Electromagnet 1.jpg
Tubular Push Solenoid.jpg
Bistable Push Pull Solenoid
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